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"Pristine, professional production! Book it!"

         Dean Friedman

(Internationally renowned Singer/songwriter)

"Recording with Pete in his studio was a really enjoyable experience. Not only did he contribute drums, bass and slide guitar (!) to my songs (no need for a band) - he immediately got the idea behind the song and style I was looking for and on this basis we developed the different components of the track. So we were able to record and produce each song in only a few hours. This coupled with Pete‘s great rates for his studio and time made it a very affordable and rewarding experience. I always wanted to go back and record more, and I’m still planning to... (5 star!)"

        Johannes Hoffmann (Singer/songwriter)


"Good creative atmosphere, happy with my recordings made with Peter who is also a very adaptable musician, drums, bass, keys, gtr, back up vox, you name it."

        Wayne Robert (Singer/songwriter/guitarist)

"I have worked with Peter in a ‘live’ and a recording environment.
Great all-round musician with good ears."

        Tom Rust (Rat pack and soul singer/saxophonist)

"Wonderful time working with Pete. Highly recommend. Rock on!"

       Jodie Elms (Singer and vocal coach)

"Pete has a great feel and really relaxed nature. Pleasure to work with!"

       Jon Quirk (Funky bassist with Oye Santana)

"I’ve known Pete since our first band together as teenagers and I know his roots. He’s one of my favourite drummers, a talented all-rounder and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for his solid and constructive view on music making."

       Paul Goodyear (Guitarist/singer/songwriter)

"Pete gets a great full live sound which translates beautifully into the final mixes...also on hand to play masterful drums! I'm looking forward to our next studio session."

      Phil Davies (Bassist/songwriter-Parsley Sound

"Pete is simply one of the finest musicians around, with the kind of genial personality you want in the room when it’s time to play!"

       Phil Bell (Jazz/funk guitarist) 

"I've recorded at a handful of studios in England and elsewhere in Europe, and Turtle Studios is my favourite by a very long mile. Case in point: I live in Sweden and I still travel to Brighton as often as I can just to record with Pete. I always get great results; Pete gives valuable feedback and helps develop and realise any ideas I might have. The sound quality in the recordings is always fantastic, and Pete also played guitar, bass, and drums on my recordings (when I wanted a lute on one track, he even worked out a brilliant classical guitar arrangement!)

I would recommend Turtle Studios to anyone who wants a professional sounding track and to anyone that wants constructive feedback (no pun intended), or just wants to work with an excellent musician/producer! 5/5"

     Peter Luke (Singer/songwriter)

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